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Hump Day Fun

Posted by Roobs on July 14, 2010

Taking a break from politics and planning issues, i just want to share two commercials over the past few months that actually make me laugh. They’re funny!

The first is a commercial from Taco Bell where a woman at a club brings a “Bacon Club Chalupa” as a fragrance to attract men. All i have to say is, i love bacon. Mmm… bacon. If i was straight, i might be inclined to go over to her table too. Who doesn’t love bacon? vegetarians and vegans don’t count. Not to mention, the guy on the far left is really hot. If we could successfully manufacture a bacon-esque fragrance product, i can’t say i wouldn’t be in line to buy it.

This next commercial is brought to us by the people at Bing – Microsoft’s new and very successful search engine. It basically mocks the Spanish language telenovelas, which, trust, isn’t that hard. Anyone in the Latino community who thinks this is offensive has obviously never seen a telenovela. They are absolutely ridiculous! This commercial doesn’t really make fun of the culture behind the telenovela but just pokes fun at its fabulous over-the-top and dramatic rediculousness. Here is the commercial. Enjoy!

I think the Latino community should be more upset with those stupid “Old El Paso” Taco Shell commercials. Those things are NOT representative of Latino culture at all. Hell, the “crunchy” or “hard” taco isn’t even a Mexican creation. Now those commercials perpetuate a stereotype. But does anyone complain? Nope. Instead, they complain more about a little dog. Ay dios mio.


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