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Oakland Running Festival

Posted by Roobs on March 25, 2011

Cities with single marathons for only a few hours on a single day of the year are soo last century!  Move aside LA, SF and NY Marathons!  Why have just one marathon when you can have a FESTIVAL!

That’s right, Oakland is celebrating my least favorite form of exercise with the Oakland Running Festival this Saturday and Sunday, March 26-27!  A weekend of 4+ races and activities including:

  • Full marathon
  • Half marathon
  • 5k
  • Relay
  • Kids fun run!

Oakland has truly been experiencing a renaissance the past decade and it’s far from the Oakland my parents new when they were newlyweds in Alameda.  New residents have moved in to Downtown Oakland and helped revitalize the old neighborhood and turned it and neighborhing Jack London Square into Bay Area hot spots.  New restaurants, bars and nightclubs have started popping up all around Oakland, lured from traditional epicurean enclaves like Berkeley and San Francisco with its cheaper rent, plentiful public transportation and increasing food craving populous.  And you know when the Los Angeles Times bucks the traditional Socal-Norcal rivalry and starts saying good things about Oakland, you know something must be good.

So come for the running festival but don’t forget to stop by some of Oakland’s new trendy restaurants and bars for that after marathon cocktail!



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