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How F*** is SF Muni?

Posted by Roobs on April 5, 2011

Transit riders hate waiting. It’s not only fact is actually a really big problem in the effort to increase ridership on bus lines.  The only thing more depressing than running up to a bus stop just as your bus is pulling away is the uncertainty that follows; not knowing exactly when the next bus will come.  Thankfully, we have a few ways to help in that respect.

First we have NextBus, a website and smartphone application you can download that can track GPS enabled buses and tell you exactly when the next bus will arrive.  Sure, it still may be 15-30 min. away, but at least you feel better about it.  Yes! One is coming!

But, dare I say, NextBus is soo last year!  With transit agencies struggling to meet demand with fiscal crisises left and right, it’s time we stop being nice about this. It’s no longer a question of whether or not your bus is delayed or not, its now a question of how fucked up is it today.

Enter the vanguard: “How Fucked Up Is Muni”.  A website created by a friend of mine that tracks the  ratio of delayed vehicles to total vehicles as well as the largest and smallest gaps between cars to create the overall picture of “how fucked up” your SF Muni route is.

At this moment, the majority of Muni’s lines are “not particularly fucked”.  But just like the weather in SF, that can change pretty quickly.


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