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Improving Jack London Square

Posted by Roobs on October 19, 2010

It’s been two months since I moved from Berkeley to West Hollywood to pursue a masters degree in urban planning from UCLA.  Though I am hundreds of miles away, I find myself in class thinking of practical uses of concepts back in the East Bay.  Often times, Oakland is a good candidate for many.

In one class, we discussed two, not very dissimilar concepts for district improvements.  The first was the idea of a parking meter zones (PMZ), as proposed by “prophet of parking” and UCLA professor, Donald Shoup.  The second is the concept of a business improvement district (BID) or a community benefit district (CBD).  Each together and individually have the potential to bring out Jack London Square’s, and Oakland’s in general, true potential.

I’ve wanted to write a post to this effect for some time and am very happy that my time at UCLA has allowed me to finally move forward.

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