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Fresno County Turns Blue!

Posted by Roobs on March 24, 2010

Last night, i got word that Fresno County, long a bastion of conservative Republicans, had officially turned blue for the first time in a quarter century.  Fresno County now officially has more registered Democrats than Republicans!

I grew up in the city of Visalia in neighboring Tulare County and am very happy and excited that our northern neighbor is a nice light blue.  Having grown up as a Latino and openly gay, it wasn’t easy.  At the time when i was going to school there, there was still evidence of lingering racism and much more animosity towards the LGBT community.  But the fact that Fresno County is now more Democrat gives me hope that future young people in similar situations as i was will not feel as constrained by the views of their community.

Democrats have long been allies of the Latino and LGBT community and will continue to be so for a long time.  With an increasing number of Democrats registering in these conservative areas, we can hope to elect more moderate and liberal Democrats who will work to protect these communities and make it easier and more comfortable for them to be proud of who they are and what they want to accomplish.

Of course, while Fresno County now has around 200+ advantage in Democrat voter registration, Tulare County is still solidly Republican both in registration and voting record.  Similarly, Fresno County has still voted Republican in the last election and many before.  But what this means is that the trend is upward towards a blue region.  Enthusiasm and hope are never forsaken commodities.


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California’s Centrist Push

Posted by Roobs on August 5, 2009

Following the latest Field Polls released last week showing an increase in independent voters as well as self-identifying Democratic voters, many have been quick to conclude that California is becoming more “left” or “liberal” than it was 30 years ago. While California is more left-leaning than it was relative to 30 years ago, I think it’s a misguided conclusion to say that the Field Poll proves California is becoming “liberal” overall. I actually think it shows more that California will see a push for Moderate Democrats.

The problem comes with the relationship between liberal and Democrats, and the stereotype that they are one in the same. They are not. Meet a Democrat from Fresno and then meet a Democrat from Los Angeles or San Francisco. They are quite different. Democrats from the Central Valley are largely moderate, leaning more conservative on the fiscal side of policy and moderate on the side of social, with liberal and conservative views on issues ranging from same-sex marriage, abortion and the environment. Given the current economic crisis we face in California and the evidence the Field Poll shows in the dwindling cohorts of the Republican Party in California, I am led to believe that districts once held by republicans will start to turn more purple as the non-staunch conservatives bail on their Republican representatives for more moderate leaning Democratic opponents. Similarly, in Democratic districts once held safely by staunch liberal Democrats may soon face strong opposition from moderate Democrats challenging them in primary fights, running on fiscal conservatism and liberal social values.

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