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Dear Wordpress…

Posted by Roobs on August 6, 2010

Dear WordPress,

Why can I not embed flash videos from I mean, really. That just seems rude. I can’t get all the great videos to share about news stories from YouTube. I don’t think I would want to. Sure, the new Kraft Mac & Cheese commercials are totally cute and all but that’s not news! How am I going to show readers the interview on Hardball as they discuss the possible Obama-Clinton ticket in 2012? Or the news coverage of the Prop 8 ruling?? You want me to pay for it?  Wait… how much? $60 a year?   This isn’t a credit card!  The’re are no annual fees here.  I don’t even get reward points for this!  I might as well just switch to and upload everything for free and have my own domain for much much less.  That is ridiculous.  I’m not really down with this whole scheme you got going on with your boyfriend YouTube. I think we should sit down and reconsider this arrangement. Until then, please feel free to direct readers to East Bay Young Democrats‘ website where we have some great videos from the news. Sometimes, it’s good to keep people informed.

Love, Roobs

East Bay Young Democrats

And yes, this new Kraft Mac & Cheese commercial is TOTALLY CUTE!


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