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Should PhD Students Have to Pay Tuition?

Posted by Roobs on April 9, 2013


A couple weeks ago, my roommate had a friend over for dinner.  My roommate is getting his PhD in Public Health at UCLA and so is his friend.  The evening was fine until his friend made, what I believe, was a rather bold statement.  She believes that PhD students, once they reach “candidacy”, should not be charged tuition.  She also stated that this is normal to not charge tuition.  I was taken aback by the statement and began to probe why she felt that way.  And the probe soon turned into argument.  She eventually left with no real resolution to the topic.  I then began to research the topic on my own.  Should PhD students have to pay tuition like Master’s students and undergraduates?  Is it normal practice for the PhD students to not pay tuition?  The quick answer is no.  It is neither right nor normal.  Here is why.

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Rant: Don’t Judge the Chick-Fil-A Eaters

Posted by Roobs on August 17, 2012

Chick Fil A.  The fast food chain’s owner making his position on homosexuality and same-sex marriage public isn’t exactly top news anymore.  But I find myself still thinking about it.  Not necessarily the position of this corporate owner, but the wide spreading view towards the chain by pro-LGBT groups and individuals.  I find myself wondering if this is at all the correct position to take.  Boycotting the restaurant or not is not necessarily the issue.  How we treat those who do not share our actions, is.

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Oakland Running Festival

Posted by Roobs on March 25, 2011

Cities with single marathons for only a few hours on a single day of the year are soo last century!  Move aside LA, SF and NY Marathons!  Why have just one marathon when you can have a FESTIVAL!

That’s right, Oakland is celebrating my least favorite form of exercise with the Oakland Running Festival this Saturday and Sunday, March 26-27!  A weekend of 4+ races and activities including:

  • Full marathon
  • Half marathon
  • 5k
  • Relay
  • Kids fun run!

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